DS1307 RTC Module I2C Real Time clock with Battery Backup

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  • Leap year Compensation
  • Accurate Calendar up to year 2100
  • Battery Backup Included
  • 3 Volt Li(Lithium) Coin Battery
  • 1Hz output pin
  • 5 Volt Power Supply
  • Plugs into any breadboard, or You can use wires
  • On board power indication RED LED
  • Four mounting holes 3.0 mm for easy mounting.
  • IIC I2C RTC DS1307 | 56 Byte NV RAM | Battery Backup | Project R&D
  • Support All Digital Microcontroller such as Arduino, 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, MSP, COP8, STM, Raspberry Pi etc.

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DS1307 RTC Module | I2C Real Time Clock Module with 56 Byte NV RAM

DS1307 RTC Module Support All Digital Microcontroller such as Arduino, 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, MSP, COP8, STM, Raspberry Pi etc.

About of DS1307 RTC Module: 

This is the DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC) Module, this small breakout board that uses the most popular DS1307 to keep track of the current year, month, day as well as the current time. The module comes fully assembled and includes a small Lithium coin cell battery that will run the RTC for a minimum of 9 years without an external 5V Power supply. The DS1307 RTC is accessed via I2C Protocol.

Features of Real Time Clock DS1307 Board: 

  • Two wire I2C interface
  • (hh : mm : ss) Hour : Minutes : Seconds AM/PM
  • (DD/MM/YYYY) Day Month, Date – Year
  • Leap year Compensation
  • Accurate Calendar up to year 2100
  • Battery Backup Included
  • 3 Volt Li (Lithium) Coin Battery
  • 1Hz output pin
  • 5 Volt Power Supply
  • 56 Bytes of Non-volatile Memory Available to User
  • Plugs into any breadboard, or You can use wires
  • On board power indication RED LED
  • Four Mounting Holes 3.0 mm for Easy Mounting.
  • Dimensions: 43 mm x 34.5 mm

Document of DS1307 Kit:

Package Contents:

1 x RTC Module with DS1307

1 x Li (Lithium) Coin Battery 3 Volt

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Additional information

Weight48 g
Dimensions43 × 34.5 × 9 mm

MY TechnoCare


Real Time Clock Breakout Board



Power Supply

5 Volt DC


2 Wire I2C(IIC), 1 Hz Output


56 Byte Non Volatile Memory

Chip Type



2-Wire I2C(IIC)

PCB Quality

FR4 Glass epoxy, High Quality


Four Mounting holes 3.0 mm for Easy Mounting

IC Socket

8-Pin DIP

Battery Type

3 Volt (Li) Lithium Coin Battery

Battery Backup


Display Technology

LED Indicator


Real Time Clock~Timer~Alarm~Calendar~56Byte Memory


5 Pin Burg Strip Connector

Wired or Wireless



Research & Development, Education, Technical DIY

Supported IC

Arduino,8051,AVR,PIC,ARM,MSP,Raspberr Pi etc

Bundled Items

1 x RTC Board, FREE (Li) Lithium Coin Battery


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